European Campus Card Association 

The European Campus Card Association (ECCA) was established as a not-for-profit association in 2002. Its policies and strategies are dedicated to the implementation of student eID credentials in Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) that supports student mobility and the provision of trusted identification and secure access to services across European countries. Its main strategy focuses on the provision of interoperability, connectivity and mobility between HEIs both within their home country and across Europe.

The Aims of ECCA are:

  • Provide a networking platform for members to develop partnerships, knowledge sharing and enable problem solving through research and development of secure identification credentials and transaction technologies.
  • Promote trans-national cooperation between the institutions in order to advance research and development of standards to achieve interoperable and cost-effective systems.
  • Initiate, coordinate and support research projects that promote the development of new technologies in campus ID credentials and card transaction systems.
  • Achieve cooperation in the field of education by establishing close links with other organisations and industries that have similar objectives.

The Board of Directors is the governing body for the Association. It consists of 10 members drawn from HEIs and Business who provide strategic, financial and risk oversight to the association on a pro bono basis.

ECCA’s key activities are mainly focused on a process of networking, knowledge sharing and collaboration with its 500+ membership of European HEIs and Services Providers. These activities include initiating research projects, workshops, surveys with its membership, policy makers and other relevant stakeholders throughout Europe and the United States. The strategy behind these initiatives is to gather and evaluate important information on the benefits, requirements and viability of a trusted Student eID credential, compliant to eIDAS regulations, that supports HE Institutions and Service Providers on a cross-border basis throughout Europe.

For further information visit ECCA main website: 

ECCA Board